UltraWax 500ml

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UltraWax 500ml


Ultra Wax Waterless Car Cleaning Wash/Wax


  • Ensure that vehicle is parked in a shaded area.
  • Shake can for 10 – 15 seconds.
  • Hold can in a vertical position while spraying.
  • Spray onto 3 to 5 Sq Ft area.
  • Apply in a sweeping motion and buff to a shine.
  • Clean with microfiber cloth. Allow to haze.
  • Polish with microfiber towel.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

22 reviews for UltraWax 500ml

  1. Marius Bosch

    I was amazed at how fast and easy this removed stubborn marks and scratches from my car;
    if only I knew of this earlier I would not have wasted so much time and money on other stuff.
    I also use it on other items like my helmet, even the visor as it also avoids it from fogging up.

  2. Dean Steward

    This product works 100%! Very happy and well worth the money. Great product.

  3. Tammy Carter

    This is an amazing product! It cares for the paint on my old cars and makes them sparkle. Cleans and polishes in one. I am sold on this product and highly recommend it.

  4. Ruby

    A product I would recommend, it works!

  5. Pieter

    Amazing product. Don’t leave home without it

  6. Junaid Cassim

    Amazing service , Amazing product.. Thank- you very much

  7. Obayd Naidoo

    If you are looking for the ultimate detailer, that meets the requirements for almost any application then this is the one for you. As a car enthusiast, over the years I have used multiple products but I have always been looking for one product that has the ability to be used on any surface both interior and exterior. With amazing results everytime!

  8. Shiraaz

    Awesome product and excellent service , Future Cars will definitely be using this product

  9. VK

    This product is good… I had a few white visible spots on my car… applied Utra Wax, and I’m telling you now these spots are nowhere to be seen…all gone

  10. Lex

    Excellent quality, well worth the price! Night and day difference after using this product

  11. Kevin Willis

    Awesome product like the old cliche gets rid of the grime and brings back the shine

  12. Marius Syffert

    Only trusted product I use on my car. The best there is. Sales service and after service was excellent.

  13. Cheryl

    The product works wonderful and I will recommend this product to anyone.

  14. Wayne Arendse

    This guy Marcus introduced me to the products works extremely well headlights shining and rims clean. Will definitely recommend it everyone i know. Thnx Marcus

  15. Sibo

    Great product! I would recommend it to any car enthusiasts!

  16. Warren Williams

    I’m normally not someone to post a review. However I am very impressed with this product! Really an amazing product. Awesome service and really well priced product worth every cent. I will recommend it to all car owners. Even worked on my faded headlights.

  17. Allen Van Dieman

    Excellent product at a reasonable price. Highly recommended.

  18. Peter De Vries

    Im impressed with this project , I give it a thumbs up tho. Thank you for blessing me with with some product, will definitely purchase when I am in the area again

  19. Daniel Louw

    Marcus, you biscuit… What a awesome and quick way to transformed my 220 SEi CAMRI, shes a sparkle on the road.
    Windy, dusty Cape Town is easy to just dust off, Fresh Look great feel Polish ‘Wax’ and Finishings,
    Thank You

  20. Ettore Boccafola

    Awesome product well worth the money. Removes all unwanted marks and worked well on my faded headlights with no effort. Highly recommend.

  21. Munier

    I would highly recommend it to all my clients, we use this product to prepare the cars before we vinyl wrap our client’s cars.
    Pagemasters Graphix approved. Thank you Marcus for introducing this great product to us.

  22. City Auto

    At City Auto we use this product after every vehicle service/repair when washing the vehicle before hand over. This is our final product to our clients and we have had only great feedback from many happy clients about the air freshener and shine on thier cars. City Auto highly recommends this affordable product for any business or individual. Thanks Marcus for such a great product!

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