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About AutoCareClass


To offer best-of-breed vehicle care products to the discerning buyer, for whom only the best is good enough.

Our Flagship Product

UltraWax Clean

Advanced formula Ultra Wax lifts the dirt, leaving behind a protective layer and a flawless shine. Forget scratches and swirl marks. Ultra Wax has a unique combination of cleaning agents and lubricants to lift the grime and dirt away from paint or any other non-porous surface, leaving behind nothing but a protective layer of wax and a professional show car finish!



Scuff Marks Gone

Scuff marks disappear with minimal effort - even on heavy duty items such as helmets.

Removes Dirt, Tar, Bugs And more

Cleans headlights with no effort. Removes scuff marks, tar, bumper marks and finger nail marks from your car’s paintwork, and grime from your engine bay, your car’s upholstery and roof-liner.

Brilliant Gleam

* Clear Coat
* Gel Coat Safe
* UV Protectant
* Contains Liquid Wax
* No Scratches
* No Swirl Marks


Customer Reviews

“If you are looking for the ultimate detailer, that meets the requirements for almost any application then this is the one for you. As a car enthusiast, over the years I have used multiple products but I have always been looking for one product that has the ability to be used on any surface both interior and exterior. With amazing results everytime!”
Obayd Naidoo
“I was amazed at how fast and easy this removed stubborn marks and scratches from my car; if only I knew of this earlier I would not have wasted so much time and money on other stuff. I also use it on other items like my helmet, even the visor as it also avoids it from fogging up.”
Marius Bosch

Classy Clean

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