Hi, I’m Marcus. If you love taking care of your car as much as I do, come join me on a quest to drive a car that looks beautiful, sounds awesome, and goes like the devil himself is after her!


Why we do what we do

At AutoCareClass we are passionate about excellence. We believe that showcasing the services of like-minded partners in the automotive sector will uplift small businesses, and thus uplift local communities.  Since we are passionate about fast, beautiful cars, we focus on businesses in the vehicle performance enhancement and aesthetics arenas.

We are passionate about helping others.  We believe that a great deal of good can come from fostering co-operative effort between local car clubs, cutting across brand and badge affiliation, in order to benefit our local communities. Many groups have already demonstrated their willingness to give back, and have held several successful events in support of various charities. We’re looking forward to facilitating further engagement and co-operative effort.

If you’re looking for a place to find classy solutions for your automotive needs, you’ve come to the right place!